Kitchen Backsplash Austin

An upgrade to your kitchen backsplash is one of the easiest and quickest ways to give your kitchen a brand new look and spruce it up in style. Atlas Kitchen Remodelling offers the best backsplash installation services for your dreamy kitchen.

Transform Your Kitchen With Backsplash

Create a unique focal point in your kitchen and elevate the wall between your countertop and your cabinets with backsplash installation. There are numerous types of backsplash you can choose from. From elaborate and eye-catching to simple and clean, the options are endless.

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Atlas Kitchen Remodeling - Austin Remodeling Contractor

Organic Backsplash

There are numerous organic backsplash ideas to choose from.

You can opt for wood to give your kitchen a distinctive rustic, warm look. Painted or raw, wood is an excellent option for kitchen backsplash.  

You can also recreate a rustic feel with brick veneer and give your home an updated, seamless, and inviting kitchen.

One of the hottest trends in kitchen backsplashes is stone. This beautiful, elegant, and organic material, once delegated for exterior walls, has gradually found its way into our kitchens and straight in our hearts. 

Marble is the perennial embodiment of elegance. Give your kitchen a sophisticated look with a marble backsplash that will impress anyone who enters it.

Atlas Kitchen Remodeling - Austin Remodeling Contractor

Tiles Backsplash

Tiles are the new darlings when it comes to kitchen backsplash. It comes in any design, color, and shape you can possibly imagine.

You can go for a Victorian Chic look with a backsplash tile with delicate patterning and pastel colors.

Alternatively, you can go for an ArtDeco look with bold colors, geometric shapes, and sharp lines. Match your tiles with the colors of your cabinets for a seamless look, or strike a stark contrast for a dazzling finish.

As Retro Chic becomes the new fashion, update and upgrade your kitchen with accented colorful tiles for a whimsical and welcoming look.

Add texture and layers to your austin kitchen with a 3D backsplash tile and impress your guests with a unique, contemporary look.

For a more romantic look, accent your walls with floral, porcelain tiles and create a backsplash that is elegant and delightful.

Whatever your style or vision, there is undoubtedly a tile that will make your dream a reality.

Why Choose Atlas Kitchen Remodeling For Your Backsplash installation?

Is your dream kitchen Modern, Traditional, or Rustic? Whatever you imagine, we can help design and create it to ensure that your dream kitchen becomes a reality.

For your kitchen remodeling and backsplash installation, trust our expert designers to create the 3D rendering before construction begins to give you a better picture of how your upcoming Austin kitchen will look. 

Change your mind as many times as you like until you have a 3D design with a kitchen backsplash that is precisely the embodiment of your ideal kitchen.

Atlas Kitchen Remodeling - Austin Remodeling Contractor

Our designers have numerous years of experience and are fully committed to creating your customized kitchen. They will personally work with you to decide on the best backsplash to accent your walls.

Our expert technicians will install the backsplash you choose, whether tile, marble, wood, brick, or stone. We offer top quality services because our technicians are professional and knowledgeable. They are punctual and courteous and will work around your timelines. They will install your backsplash and leave your kitchen spotless clean after the job is done.

Make your new kitchen a dream come true! Our designers are waiting for your email or call for an initial consultation!