Best Backsplash Tiles For Your Kitchen

Backsplash tiles are the most important part of your kitchen. They can either complete the entire kitchen design or make you want to change them as soon as possible.

There is no compromise, backsplashes must look perfect; the color, texture, and design must accentuate the cabinets, kitchen island, and the countertops, but not steal the attention from them. 

Before getting your backsplashes, you should consider things such as maintenance, durability, and installment.  Will they look good with the kitchen fixture? How would the design fit the kitchen floors? Will the material endure splashing?

Before you make your final decision, here are a few options you can consider. 


Let’s say you have chosen the backsplash tiles and they would fit perfectly in your kitchen. We know that it’s easy to fall in love with the tiles while still seeing them in the store, but will they look good on your walls? Maybe these tiles look trendy now, but will they still be stylish in a couple of years? Forget about impulse buying when it comes to backsplashes; we’re sure you don’t plan to change them every season.

When it comes to functionality, be sure that the materials are strong enough to protect your walls from splashes along with your counters and area behind the stove. The quality of the colors should be impeccable and endure frequent maintenance.

Ceramic Tiles

Ceramic or porcelain tiles are classic. They can be shaped however you want; the market offers a variety of colors, textures, and patterns so it can fit even the most complex kitchen designs.  Besides the looks, ceramic tiles are practical because they can endure a lot of splashing and cleaning products. 

When it comes to price, ceramic tiles have a very wide range for everyone’s budget.

Glass Tiles

If you’re going for a more sophisticated look, glass tiles will help achieve it. What we love about glass tiles is that they reflect light all over the kitchen (islands, cabinets, floor).

The excellent thing about these tiles is that they never fade and their colors are quite strong. Glass is a non-porous material so it doesn’t need to be sealed (except for the grout between tiles just like it’s the case with ceramic tiles).

Metal Tiles

Metal can give any kitchen an edgy and minimalist vibe. Today the market offers small metal tiles in any texture and finish you want. A contemporary kitchen with a minimalist design is ideal for such backsplashes. 

If you are more into a non-traditional kitchen look, then this can be a wonderful choice. Metal can endure all sorts of splashes and is easy for maintenance. The only downside here is that it can easily get scratched (and the scratches are irreparable).


Carefully chose the backsplash tiles; take samples and place them on the walls in your kitchen and see how they’d fit. Get tiles that are easy for installation and maintenance. Make sure you pick color and design that won’t become boring after a year or two.

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