Why should you hire a kitchen design specialist

Kitchen design is the process that turns your ideas of the perfect kitchen into reality. This is skilled and specialized work, which takes into account several factors, such as: your available space, your budget, the general décor in your home and your ideas and instructions.

An experienced kitchen designer will not only put your ideas into a 3D rendering software suite, but also recommend the best products and solutions for your needs. At Atlas Kitchen Remodeling Austin, our mission is to help every residential property owner create or redesign their kitchen so that form and function blend harmoniously.

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Atlas Kitchen Remodeling - Austin Remodeling Contractor

The Steps Needed for Creating Kitchen Designs

From the moment you give us a call or send us an email, our designers prepare for the first meeting with you. During this meeting we will:

  • Inspect the kitchen space and take measurements
  • Listen to you and take note of your preferences
  • Discuss your available budget.

Once this initial step for creating the kitchen design is complete, you can choose one of the two ways of completing the project:

Select one of the Ready-Made Kitchen Designs

Our designers can show you our extensive portfolio of kitchen designs, selecting the projects that are a good match for your space, budget and preferences. In this case, once you have made your selection, we can move on to ordering the furniture and installing it in your kitchen.

This option has the advantage of shortening the overall time for remodeling your Austin kitchen. It is also easier for our designer to prepare a full and final estimate for the project.

Have a Customized Kitchen Design Created for You

If you are looking for a completely unique design for your kitchen, the Atlas Kitchen Remodeling designer will create a fully customized project for you. This approach will take longer and the final costs may vary from the basic initial estimate.

These variations depend on elements outside our control, such as the availability of certain products and the hours spent by the designer creating and revising the 3D model of your future Austin kitchen. However, the end result will be the best possible match to your ideas and preferences.

Design Your Ideal Kitchen with our Assistance

Your kitchen is one of the most important parts of your home. This is where you prepare delicious meals for your family. This is your breakfast corner. Thus, it should be not only functional, equipped with modern appliances and furniture, but also comfortable, cozy and beautiful.

The team of experienced kitchen designers at Atlas Kitchen Remodeling is ready to turn the ideas in your mind into a real kitchen, which will add value to your home and to every hour spent in it. From futuristic designs to Austin’s traditional kitchens, we are here for every homeowner who wants to have a new kitchen designed according to their wishes.

Atlas Kitchen Remodeling - Austin Remodeling Contractor

Make your new kitchen a dream come true! Our designers are waiting for your email or call for an initial consultation!