Kitchen Remodeling And Fixtures

Remodeling your kitchen can be a daunting task. Many decisions are involved, and many homeowners get distracted, confused, and sometimes overwhelmed by the massive number of options available. Being constantly bombarded with choices and ideas can hamper creativity and hinder your progress in designing your ideal kitchen.

When it comes to choosing kitchen fixtures, such as faucets, many homeowners cannot stay focused on what is right for the overall aesthetic design of their Austin kitchen. Some seem to ignore any practical issues inherent in choosing the right fixtures and opt for design over functionality. Striking the perfect balance between looks and use can be a delicate task.

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Atlas Kitchen Remodeling - Austin Remodeling Contractor

At Atlas Kitchen Remodeling, Austin, we have an expert team of designers who are fully committed to helping you create your ideal kitchen from start to finish. From the basic kitchen layout to cabinets, countertops, flooring, and fixtures, our designers will personally invest time and energy in getting your kitchen right.

Many designers do not consider fixtures a crucial aspect of kitchen design. Faucets, sinks, and other fixtures are not a priority. However, installing fixtures that are not practical or not in line with your overall kitchen aesthetic can destroy your vision of an ideal, elegant, and functional kitchen.

Fixtures: Faucets

Faucets are an integral part of your kitchen. Admittedly, they are the most frequently used appliance in your kitchen. Therefore, you should hold in mind that apart from its compatibility with your overall Austin kitchen aesthetic, a faucet should be unequivocally functional.

Kitchen Faucets

With the help of our designers, select the design of your kitchen faucet.  You can opt for sleek, modern, or Edwardian to match the style of your kitchen. Then determine how the faucet feels when using it and how practical it is. Check the finish and decide if it will hold up to daily use and decide whether the flow of water and the spray is adequate for some heavy-duty dishwashing.

Bar Faucets

Home bars are the perfect addition to any kitchen remodeling project. If you love to entertain guests and throw dinner parties, home bars are an ideal solution to keep everything organized and within reach for crafting a delicious cocktail. Bar faucets should match your kitchen faucet and have some extra handy features such as detachable water sprayers. Whether you are a pina colada aficionado or a mojito lover, trust us to help you select and install the perfect bar faucet for your kitchen bar.

Fixtures: Sinks

Choosing the right kitchen sink from hundreds of styles available can be overwhelming. The decision is vital, and you should allow our professional designers help you make the right one.

Kitchen Sinks

From stainless steel, cast iron, solid surface, and acrylic sinks, we will help you chose and install a sink that is the best match for your kitchen and your needs.

Bar Sinks

Bark sinks will complement your kitchen sink and your kitchen design. Pair it with an elegant and designer bar faucet for an eye-catching result.

Atlas Kitchen Remodeling - Austin Remodeling Contractor

Fixtures: Water Filtration Systems

A kitchen cannot be complete without a water filtration system. Here at Atlas Kitchen Remodeling, we can help you find the ideal system for your kitchen and install it.

Fixtures: Garbage Disposals

There is nothing more annoying than food leftovers lying around your counters. Keep your countertops spotless clean with environmentally friendly garbage disposal.

Why Atlas Kitchen Remodeling?

We have an expert team of knowledgable designers and technicians who will help you with your kitchen remodeling from start to finish. If you want your vision of your ideal kitchen to match the reality, trust Atlas Kitchen Remodeling, Austin,  to do the work for you.

Make your new kitchen a dream come true! Our designers are waiting for your email or call for an initial consultation!