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Looking to jazz up your kitchen with new flooring? Atlas Kitchen Remodeling specializes in carpet, wood, vinyl, ceramic floor, and laminate styles that will fit your commercial and home needs. Whether you have a clear vision of what you need or need a little help figuring out the renovation planning, our trained and certified experts will be with you every step of the way.

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Atlas Kitchen Remodeling - Austin Remodeling Contractor

Why Get Kitchen Floor Installation in Austin, TX?

We bring you flowing material by the best manufacturers. You can be assured that your installation, repair, or renovation will be done to perfection. Our customer service will be with you along the way.

What Kind Of Kitchen Flooring Installation Materials Can You Pick From?

Here are our services you can choose from:

  • Tile installation and repair
  • Lamination services
  • Floor installation and repair

Our Kitchen Flooring Installation Services

Laminate flooring

Whether you are looking to install vinyl flooring for environmental reasons, or other benefits, we bring you industry experts who understand your needs. Our technicians know the best materials that will work for your property, and we have some exciting style choices as well. Laminate flooring is extremely durable so that it will last you a lifetime.

Wooden floor installation and repair

Hardwood is a classic flooring material, and it gives your home a style and elegance that nothing else can match. Whether your old floors need to be replaced, have been damaged or need repair, we can do it all. Our technicians are certified and understand the tear-out and installation requirements for your home. You can stay worry-free and get floors that match your dreams.

Vinyl flooring installation and repair

To install flooring, vinyl is an excellent choice. It is environmentally friendly and gives you various energy credits for commercial properties. It is also extremely durable, resistant to almost anything, and can fit in any of your rooms, including the kitchen perfectly. This type of flooring is also better to prevent mold, water, and slippage so that you will have a safe and happy home.

Ceramic flooring installation

Ceramic is glossy and can almost give it the look of natural stone at a much cheaper cost. With Atlas, you get plenty of styling and color choices, so you can customize the design exactly how you like it.

That said, ceramic looks absolutely gorgeous with any kind of décor and completely changes the look and feel of your home. We also have commercial-grade ceramic that can withstand extreme load and weight.

Best Kitchen Floor Installation Company In Austin

With Atlas, you will be working directly with the owners at our services, so you can be assured that every installation service you choose has been done with the utmost care and consideration. We guarantee satisfaction for all of our customers.

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Atlas Kitchen Remodeling has been installing flooring in Austin, TX, for years and understands the unique needs of its customers better than anyone else. Give us a call today to get a customized quote for your needs.

Atlas Kitchen Remodeling - Austin Remodeling Contractor

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