Professional kitchen island installation guarantees long lifespan

We believe in quality in everything we do, from the moment we take an order from a client to the final handover after we complete kitchen island installation. Our work starts from the moment we first take a look at the available space in your kitchen. This allows us to decide on the best place to install the island, so that you have plenty of walking space around it.

This is why you should always trust the Atlas Kitchen Remodeling specialists with kitchen island installation. We want to help you create your ideal kitchen and use our experience and know-how to build and install a kitchen island that fits the available space and meets your design requirements.

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Our Process for Installing Your Austin Kitchen Island

Our kitchen designers, builders and installers will always keep you informed during the entire process of creating and bringing your new island to your kitchen. You will always be up to date with our progress of the kitchen redesign process. At the same time, we promise to deliver your new Austin kitchen island on time and create as little disturbance as possible in your home while installing it.

The overall process of getting a new island for your Austin kitchen involves:

Deciding on the Shape and Size of Your Island

During the first step, we take measurements and make the best recommendations for the placement of the kitchen island. We will take into account the layout of the kitchen and the position of the sink, fridge and cooking stove.

The shape and size of the island depend on what you need it for: extra storage space, main area for preparing food, breakfast area, etc. Some clients are also looking for ways to incorporate various appliances into their Austin kitchen islands to save space.

Building Your Kitchen Island

Depending on your budget and preferences, you can opt between one of the models of ready made islands in our catalog or a custom model designed for you. Your choice will influence the time the Atlas Kitchen Remodeling team needs to craft the island.

Safe Anchoring of the Island for Maximum Stability

Kitchen islands need to be properly anchored in order to ensure everyone’s safety, especially that of small children. This is why we take all the precautions to make sure that your new Austin island is stable and anchored to the floor using reliable materials. We will consider the job done only when we are satisfied that the kitchen island is well fastened and stays in place at all times.

Update Your Kitchen with a New Island

Islands are the best choice for saving space, creating ergonomics and giving your kitchen a fresh new look. We can create the perfect kitchen island for you, in any style you want and using a large selection of high quality materials.

Our experts will listen to you and understand what you need. Their experience allows them to find solutions that fit your budget and meet your design preferences. We are ready to create your new Austin kitchen island, so contact us!

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