Kitchen Design Trends of 2020

If a few decades ago the kitchen was hidden in different rooms and was not a place people wanted to show today, the kitchen takes one of the central parts of the home.

Becoming the focal point of the house, the kitchen not only brings the family together for the meals, but it stands out with its design and beauty.

The rules that mattered about kitchen cabinets, islands, kitchen fixtures, and flooring, are no longer applicable. The kitchen of today is a piece of art by itself, but it also serves you with its practicality. 

Smart Kitchen

Besides your phones and other devices, kitchens too, are following the latest technology trends. We aren’t talking about gadgets and appliances only. Today, the smart kitchen uses technology for any function and appliance from the fridge, lighting, faucets, and even hidden countertops or kitchen cabinets.

Your smart kitchen can have one-touch sensors or other devices to help you use it effortlessly. 


Finally, the new trends let you play with dark colors (or any color you want) without feeling like it’s too edgy. Dark kitchen backsplash combined with dark kitchen flooring can make a splendid contrast with lighter colors of the cabinets, for example. 

Today you can pick anything from black, navy blue, emerald green, dark purple, or grey.

Let yourself play with the combination of colors; dark-colored kitchen cabinets and kitchen countertops ooze elegance and expensive taste. Deep rich luxurious colors will make your kitchen stand just like any other elegant room in your home.

Kitchen Flooring

When it comes to kitchen flooring, hardwood flooring never goes out of style. But if this is not your choice, you can always go for ceramic flooring. Today’s technology helps you get ceramic flooring in a wide range of styles and sizes. You can pick ceramic tiles that look just like hardwood flooring; this is especially practical if you want to keep the hardwood look but need a material that is easier to maintain. Ceramic tiles can resemble anything you want for your flooring from hardwood to natural stone.  

Don’t worry about size, because these tiles can be cut in any size you want (even in one plank just like a wide plank of hardwood). 

Kitchen Islands

We love it when the kitchen island spreads its beauty into the central piece of the kitchen. Let your kitchen welcome it and make it steal the spotlight because it deserves it. The design should make a statement. You can use technology for your advantages (one-touch sensors that would expose the fixtures or drawers, for example).


In 2020 the kitchen is finally free to steal the spotlight. Free your mind and allow your creativity to play; pick dark colors, use technology to make your kitchen practical. The new trends are turning kitchens into the favorite places of the house that are no longer hidden. You are free to mix and match materials and textures, edgy dark colors, and technology. The new trends are a combination of aesthetics and functionality.

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