Planning Tips for Kitchen Remodel

Hours of work and thought goes into kitchen design and remodeling. From the cabinets to flooring, and from countertops to fixtures, homeowners have much to consider. Remodeling a kitchen is a very time-consuming and thought-provoking process and one that you should not take lightly. It is essential to do your homework and collect information to make informed and educated decisions about your project. Make sure to consider kitchen planning tips as they provide shortcuts, hacks, and tricks to help complete your project faster, smoother, and with less money. So, what are some time-saving and cost-efficient kitchen remodeling planning tips? 

One: Identify the function of your kitchen.

What do you want your kitchen to do for you? Do you plan on entertaining? Do you expect to use a lot of countertop space for prep work and cooking? Do you want a place to sit down? Does your kitchen have a pantry, or do you need to consider more cabinet space to make up for the lack of one? Make a list of your highest priorities for how you plan to use the area, as this may affect your appliance, material, and finish selections. 

Two: Mix and matching lighting to serve as a function and a feature. 

Your kitchen lighting can be a function and a feature—especially when you mix and match the type of lighting used. Recessed lighting under the cabinets is a fantastic way to prevent casting a shadow onto your workspace because the light shines directly onto the countertops. In your kitchen, use three layers of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. Decide on bulbs that emit the perfect color temperature and remember to incorporate natural light sources. 

Three: Implement light colors in small spaces. 

If your kitchen is small, you can make it seem bigger by using light colors. From the cabinets to the flooring and wall paint to the countertops, choosing light colors will help the room look bigger than it is. A two-toned kitchen is another beautiful way to manipulate the kitchen’s size. Installing dark cabinetry on the bottom and light cabinetry on top is another tip to help the room appear larger. 

Four: Have a focal point. 

Your kitchen needs to have a focal point or something visitors want to stare at for an extended length of time. The focal point could be a corner cabinet with flowers, a bench covered with holiday pillows, or even subtle, eye-catching accessorized accents. Whatever the focal point, make sure your kitchen has it. 

Five: Use all wall space and under-cabinet space. 

Unused wall space and the space under your cabinets are great for storage. By having under cabinet storage racks, you significantly increase the amount of kitchen storage you have. Even using space above an island to hang pots and pans is beneficial. A kitchen with wall storage and under cabinet storage will appear well-organized, tidy, and stylish.


When it comes to kitchen remodeling, the five tips above can help you optimize your kitchen’s efficiency, functionality, and elegance. From mixing and matching your lighting options to under cabinet storage, and from focal points to light colors, your kitchen design can become what you always planned on. Contact us today and let us help make your dream kitchen a reality. 

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