When is the Right Time to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Most homeowners and designers alike enjoy the exciting process of remodeling or redesigning a part of the home—especially the kitchen. Nothing is more satisfying than a beautiful kitchen with functionality, practicality, and efficiency. An upgraded kitchen stays with the times, but when is the right time to do an upgrade? Let us dive in and explore a kitchen’s best and most appropriate times for an upgrade.

Visible Signs of Age, Wear and Tear

Stains are neither fun to remove, nor enjoyable to see. Peeling countertops have the same lack of appeal, as do cabinets that will not close. It is also easy for contamination and bacteria to grow in a broken appliance, a cracked backsplash, or a damaged countertop. If your kitchen faces any of these aging or wear and tear symptoms, it is time for an upgrade.

To Add Value to Your Home

Are you getting ready to sell your home? Are you preparing to refinance? Upgrading your kitchen is an ideal path to take to add value to your home. With a modern, up-to-date kitchen, prospective homebuyers and appraisers will consider the kitchen’s upgraded changes and ponder them in their overall assessment of your home’s value. After all, kitchen design is the most significant factor prospective buyers consider.

Unusable, Old, or Mismatched Appliances

A kitchen upgrade is just the ticket if you have broken, old, or mismatched appliances. If you find your electricity bill has increased even though your usage habits have not changed, chances are your older machines use more power than you think. With old appliances comes the fateful day they will break completely, leaving you with a worthless kitchen. By upgrading your kitchen now, you will save yourself from a big fiasco later.    

Ineffective and Impractical Fixtures

Ineffective and impractical kitchen fixtures are a sure sign to upgrade your kitchen. A small, impractical sink or a broken dishwasher will not offer your kitchen the functionality, practicality, or efficiency it needs and that you deserve.

Poor Lighting

By upgrading your kitchen with larger windows, recessed lighting, or sconces, you will be able to fix the unfortunate lighting situation in your kitchen—especially during the winter months. Natural light is critical to have in your kitchen, but when it is lacking, upgraded lighting is a necessity.

Growing Family

Do you need more space or a different kitchen design to accommodate your growing family? If so, then it is time to upgrade your kitchen. Perhaps the flooring needs to be replaced or a kitchen island installed. Whatever your needs, a growing family is a sure sign that it is time to upgrade your kitchen.


An upgraded kitchen is sure to give you the adequate space and efficient features you need to reap the benefits you want—and we can help. Contact us today, and we will help you upgrade your kitchen to become a place of cherished memories that you will never forget.

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